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SPT Group

Company name : SOUTH PACIFIC TOURS S.A. 

Founded : 26th February 1987 

Status : Land Operator  

History: ·

December 1981: Founded “Kia Ora Tour S.A.R.L.” (Capital 500 000 CFP) 

August 1986: Rise of the asset amount to 5 000 000 CFP 

April 1993: South Pacific Tours Tahiti S.A.R.L. purchases “Kia Ora Tour S.A.R.L.” 

April 1996: Society name change “Kia Ora South Pacific Tour S.A.R.L.” 

February 2000: Rise of the asset to 31 500 000 CFP 

April 2001: Name and status change of the Society into “South Pacific Tours S.A.”